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August 15, 2018

Hi, I'm jessica.
I'm passionate about preserving your family's most precious memories! Spend some time learning about our services and some of our recent sessions.
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When I first started my photography journey nearly 7 years ago, I knew I had a lot to learn about photography.  Even after reading “all” the books, I knew it was going to take me a long time to really hone my skill and craft in a way that provided authentic, and timeless photos that all families would cherish forever.  Here are 4 simple, but very valuable lessons that I’ve learned the last several years.

  1.  Lighting is EVERYTHING:  Where I place my clients, the locations we use use, and the time of day of the session all focus on the lighting.  I’ve learned the beauty and art of a properly back-lit photo or the loveliness of a perfectly placed sunburst.  I’ve learned to embrace an overcast sky that provides clouds to filter light.  I’ve learned how harsh lighting can really destroy a perfectly posed family photo.
  2. Editing:  Hours and hours goes into the post processing of photos.  I had no idea that photographers spent so much time editing their photos to get that special look.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours watching and practicing different editing techniques to perfect my style.  I’m still learning and growing in this area and embrace new efficient ways and skills
  3. Specializing:  When I first started photography, I did it all.  Head shots, wedding, seniors, families, newborns, etc., I was spread thin in all the directions.  After a few years into my business, I realized the importance of specializing in a specific area.  I’ve followed my love of maternity, newborns, and families with young children and its benefited both me and my clients.  Focusing on these have allowed me to perfect and grow in those areas.
  4. Practice: I had to really jump in with both feet and practice, practice, practice.  When I look back at my first photos, they were pretty bad.  Over edited.  Out of focus.  I committed to a 365 project (1 photo a day for 365 days) and then moved to a Project 52 (I photo a week for 52 weeks). This allowed me play with light, camera settings, location, timing and learn and grow a little bit each day.  I’m so thankful for that time I had to cultivate a deeper understanding of the art of photography.

Hopefully, that helps you even a little bit if you are starting your journey with photography whether that be professionally or with your “fancy camera” you got for Christmas to take photos of your children.

With all that said, I’m excited to share a maternity session that I love, mainly because the lighting was absolutely stunning this particular evening.

Maternity photo in Tall Grass with Sunburst | Jessica Lee PhotographyOrganic photographer in Boulder ColoradoPregnant Mother holding dog | Jessica Lee PhotographyMaternity session in Boulder COBeautiful Mother to be holding belly with hand on hip | Jessica Lee PhotographyJessica Lee PhotographyMother walking with Father Maternity Session | Jessica Lee Photography

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Hi!  I'm Jessica - I'm passionate about preserving your family's most precious memories!  Spend some learning about our services and some of our recent sessions.

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