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Creative Ways to Past the Time with your Little Ones This Summer

July 2, 2020

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Especially thanks to the outbreak of Covid 19, kids this summer will be spending more time at home than usual. I’ve compiled a few creative ways to pass this time with your little ones and make some lovely memories you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Homemade Playdough is always my family’s go to activity. My kids have loved it ever since they were little. It is perfect for younger kids because if they eat any of it, since it is homemade, you know for a fact all the ingredients are edible. And the fun never gets old for your older kids as well. The creative side of your little ones is sure to arise when they play with Playdough. My family uses cookie cutters to make shapes and their hands to sculpt detailed things I didn’t even know they were capable of sculpting. Some of my favorite memories with my kids came from the time we’ve spent making and playing with Playdough. Here is a link to my favorite Homemade Playdough recipe : link.

The next fun way to pass time is to play with Perler Beads. If you haven’t heard of them, they are little beads that your kids can put on pegboards. Once they finish making a design or shape on the pegboards, you can iron them and the heat glues them together to form a crafty masterpiece of their own design. Perler sells many different templates and peg boards shaped to make anything you can think of, such as animals, cars, plants, and even photo frames. It is a timeless activity that your kids will never outgrow because there are always harder, more complex designs that they can attempt to create. The beads are pretty small and present a choking hazard for younger kids. However, Perler offers larger beads so even your littler ones can partake in the fun. Perler Beads can be bought at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Micheals or online at perler.com.

The next fun activity is certainly more of an outdoor activity but a backyard or front yard will work just fine. It is a homemade recipe for giant bubbles. The recipe only takes 3 ingredients but is sure to entertain your youngsters for hours on end. Some of my favorite mom memories are sitting on my deck and watching my kids run wild in our backyard, producing trails of bubbles behind them, and trying to pop all of them. You can either buy the bubble wands or you can make those yourself as well with household items such as cups, funnels, or coat hangers. Here is the link to a giant bubble recipe and here is a link to many ways to make bubble wands. 

Make this summer one for the books with these awesome activities that you can accomplish safely in the comfort of your own home or yard. 

Newborn Photographer Denver Colorado | Jessica Lee Photography
Newborn Photographer Denver Colorado | Jessica Lee Photography
Newborn Photographer Denver Colorado | Jessica Lee Photography

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Hi!  I'm Jessica - I'm passionate about preserving your family's most precious memories!  Spend some learning about our services and some of our recent sessions.

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