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Newborn | Tips and Information Studio Session

Newborn Studio Session ~ Tips and Information  ~ Following these guidelines will help to ensure a successful newborn session.

  • Mama and baby will arrive at the studio first for hair and makeup. While mama is getting her hair and makeup, I will begin photographing individual photos of just baby.  Mama will be able to see her baby being photographed while she is getting hair and makeup done. Dad is welcome to come with mama at this time, make a coffee run, or come 1 hour after momma (this is especially helpfully if there are siblings involved)
  • Comfort and warmth for your little one is going to be essential,  so the studio will be a warm  providing an extra sleepy atmosphere.
  • I will have props and items for your newborn session. Please have any items that you would like to incorporate available
  • Please do your best to keep baby awake before the session if possible (1-2 hours)  This is a great job for dad.  Taking a bath, singing, walking around, etc.  We really want baby to be as sleepy as possible during the session in order to get a variety of poses.
  • A well-fed baby is also key, please try to feed the baby with a good burping session right before you leave for the session – the goal is to have a sleepy baby when they arrive and transfer them without without waking them to the posing bean bag.
  • Please have your baby in a button-up outfit that can be easily taken off without disrupting and awakening them.
  • Be prepared for a long shoot.  Babies will sleep, but when they are being moved around a lot, their sleep isn’t near as sound and posing them takes time.
  • You might want to have your finger nails groomed nicely b/c they will probably show up in some of the photos
  • And MOST importantly be ready for the unexpected. Every newborn shoot is very different.  Some babies sleep the whole time and some make us work for each and every shot.  I come prepared for whatever your baby throws my way.  I just ask that everyone that will be present during the shoot remain relaxed and calm throughout the shoot because babies are incredibly good at reading energy!
newborn tips and information studio session

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