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Newborn | Tips & Information – Home Session

Newborn Home Session ~ Tips and Information  ~ Following these guidelines will help to ensure a successful newborn session.

  • Comfort and warmth for your little one is going to be the number one so please turn the house heat up to 78-80 degrees providing an extra sleepy atmosphere.
  • I will bring lots of props and items for your newborn session. Please have any items that you would like to incorporate available.
  • Some items I bring: totes full of blankets, backdrop stand, baskets/props, hats, beanbag, camera equipment, etc.
  • Unloading this plethora of goods and prepping at the newborns home takes 20+minutes.
  • I don’t need a large space, but will need a room with great NATURAL light and warmth. (The two most important necessities!)
  • A well fed baby is also key, please try to feed baby 15-30 minutes prior to my arrival
  • Please do your best to keep baby awake before the session if possible (1-2 hours)  Taking a bath, singing, walking around, etc.  We really want baby to be as sleepy as possible during the session in order to get a variety of poses.
  • Please have your baby in a diaper only when I arrive, so that I can slip it off to start shooting. Taking off clothes will just disrupt and awaken them.
  • Please be ready to help me with baby and props while we move from each set up.
  • Be prepared for a long shoot.  Babies will sleep, but when they are being moved around a lot, their sleep isn’t near as sound and posing them takes time.
  • Be on-hand and ready for feedings, pee trickles & poop explosions.  Everything is washed before each shoot and everything can be washed so PLEASE don’t worry if any of my props get dirty. I pretty much expect it to happen!
  • Have the nursery and/or master bedroom nice and tidy so that we can incorporate it in some of the photos.
  • You might want to have your finger nails groomed nicely b/c they will probably show up in some of the photos
  • I love to include mom, dad and siblings in the portrait session so if you want to be in the photos too don’t forget to be camera ready 😉 I suggest clothing that is comfortable, simple and mostly solid colored for each family member.
  • I recommend anyone that will be there wear very lightweight clothing. We will all likely work up a bit of a sweat… all for the sake of beautiful images of your precious baby!
  • And MOST importantly be ready for the unexpected. Every newborn shoot is very different.  Some babies sleep the whole time and some make us work for each and every shot.  I come prepared for whatever your baby throws my way.  I just ask that everyone that will be present during the shoot remain relaxed and calm throughout the shoot because babies are incredibly good at reading energy!

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