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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Newborn Baby Session | Jessica Lee Photography

February 13, 2017

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I received a phone call from a mother excited about booking her newborn photos.  We discussed the session preparation in great detail.  A few months later her little one arrived, and she called to say that she changed her mind and wanted to wait until her baby was more alert and awake to have the photos taken.  I respected her decision, but I feared she would regret the decision not to get professional photos of her sweet baby as a newborn.  There is something so unique and precious about newborn photos.  I thought I would take some time and explain the top 5 reasons why I highly recommend professional newborn photos.

1- You’ll never have professional photos of your child sleeping ever again.  Those first few weeks are filled with sleepy cuddles.  It’s who they are at that time and it is the most precious thing ever.  You will never ever want to forget it.

Baby Photographer Boulder, baby on tan blanket


2-Your child is the most precious gift you’ve been given.  That’s why we take photographs.  To remember the people, experiences, and things we love.  You want to forever remember those itty bitty toes and those chunky cheeks that you want to kiss over and over again.

Baby Photographer Boulder, baby toes


3-Those first few weeks can be amazing and stressful all at the same time.  You’re sleep deprived, trying to figure out the whole parent thing, recovering from delivery.  The most amazing gift is to be able to go to a photography studio and have a stress free photo session. The photographer provides all the blankets, wraps, and hairbows you can imagine.  All you have to is come.  Many of my parents relax and rest during their newborn’s session.

Baby Photographer Boulder, mother snuggling with newborn baby



4-Birth Announcements aren’t just a card that gets tossed.  It is a treasured keepsake.  They are saved in baby books and memory boxes, posted on the refrigerator for proud grandparents and aunts and uncles to show off.

Baby Photographer Boulder, big sister with baby sister


5-Your child will cherish these photos.  You will one day pass them along and they will love that they have photos with their mom and dad those first weeks of life.


Baby Photographer Boulder, mother with three kids

I hope you can see why I’m incredibly passionate about newborn photography.  It is an investment that you will forever be thankful you made.

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Hi!  I'm Jessica - I'm passionate about preserving your family's most precious memories!  Spend some learning about our services and some of our recent sessions.

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