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Italy: Part 2 “The Food”

February 9, 2017

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I’ve always loved good food, but I would say in the last five years or so I’ve REALLY loved food.   Does that make me a foodie? I’m not sure, but I certainly appreciate delicious food.  Our first night in Rome we decide to go off the beaten path and find a more “local restaurant” and it did not disappoint!  I ordered spaghetti  and it was totally different than what you would get from the menu in America.  It was perfectly cooked al dente pasta with the most incredible sauce.  That’s what I’ve decided is what makes “Italian Pasta” so spectacular – the sauces! There is a lot of spices, fresh produce, and tradition that goes into making rich, flavorful sauces.

Of course, we had our fair share of gelato at every chance we got!  Italy has a different schedule than America.  The Italians wake up have breakfast, serve lunch between 1:00 pm till about 3:00 and then they don’t eat dinner till around 7:00 PM.  We found ourselves always hungry during our typical American lunch and dinner times — that’s when Gelato came to the rescue, holding us over to the next meal.

Okay, okay only two more foods to share, I promise!   Every morning we would wake up to find the nearest cafe.  Coffee shops in Italy work very differently than they do in America.  You don’t leisurely drink your coffee at the table or in a to-go cup.  You walk up the bar, order your coffee shot, drink at the counter and head on your way.  There is no sipping slowly.  I had to get use to this and I probably seemed like a typical tourist when I ordered latte and sipped it in the corner, but oh well!  But that is not the real reason why I sought after a cafe each morning.  Every cafe has a tray of warming Italian croissants.  They look just like the French croissants, but I must say they were way more flavorful.  They are called Cornetti and were filled with either a cream or jelly.  Served warm they were heavenly! I’m still craving one to this day! Here’s a recipe I’ve been wanting to try!

Lastly, while were in Venice we decide get some dessert. I decided I should probably try something besides gelato and remembered a crepe shop down the street.  I ordered a crepe with nutella and strawberries.  It was the most amazing crepe I’ve ever had! It wasn’t as thin as traditional crepes, and it was a little sweeter.  They folded it up so you can carry it around as walk. It was amazing!

As mentioned in my first Italy blog post, our cooking class in Rome was a highlight from our trip. We learned how to make authentic Italian pasta, tomato sauce, and tiramisu.  I highly recommend this class if you are ever in Rome!


That’s it for today’s post! I’m excited to continue the series with a blog post about our Canyoning trip and Our Itinerary!

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Hi!  I'm Jessica - I'm passionate about preserving your family's most precious memories!  Spend some learning about our services and some of our recent sessions.

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