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How to Choose the Right Newborn Photographer for YOU| Firestone Newborn Photographer

July 24, 2018

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How to Choose the Right Newborn Photographer For YOU! | Jessica Lee Photography

You are preparing for your new little one to come into the world and you are researching photographers, if you are like me, it’s super overwhelming. With photography becoming so popular these last 10 years, there are so many photographers to choose from, so I thought I should write a blog post about things to consider when choosing your photographer.

  1. Experience:  When I look back at my first years of photographing newborns, I realize how much room I had for growth.  Lighting, equipment, consistency, editing, posing, wrapping, etc.  all these ingredients come together to make a good newborn photographer. Just because someone can be an amazing family photographer or wedding photographer, does not make them a newborn photographer.  It is a different area of expertise, that takes a lot of time, research, and learning to master.  I’m still mastering and perfecting my skills after 7 years.
  2. Safety:  There are so many factors to consider with safety photographing newborns. When you entrust your little one into another persons arms at 7-14 days of life, then you want someone who truly takes into consideration all the safety factors.  For example, weights in the bottom of buckets and baskets so they are weighed carefully and do not fall over. Having spotters for certain poses in case the baby arches or startles.  Some of the Pinterest ideas you see are simply composite photos edited in Photoshop and if they were tried alone they could endanger the baby.  I always makes sure babies are positioned in a way that does not inhibit their breathing airways.
  3. Studio or Lifestyle:  There are two types of newborn styles of photography.  One is studio focused, this allows for very consistent lighting.  Typically there are posed family photos and lots of individual baby photos. The other type is lifestyle which is in your home and the photographer come and take photos of you and your baby in your home.  There is more focus on family connection rather than posed baby photos.  Both styles are beautiful. If your home does not get good lighting, then that can affect the overall look of your photos.
  4. Props/Accessories: It has taken me 7 years to collect beautiful wraps, headbands, buckets, blankets, mother wardrobe dresses, baby clothing, etc. This adds value to your session and can impact the overall look of your session. Having a photographer that has good collection to choose from is important.  They’ve invested thousands of dollars in their stash.
  5. Preparation:  A good newborn photographer takes the time to hear your preferences.  A questionnaire prior to the session allows you to hear all of your vision for your session. She should send details on how to dress for the session, how to prepare for the session, what to expect from the session. All of these help to create a successful newborn session.

Hopefully this helps you a little as you are looking for the right photographer for you.  Don’t let all the options overwhelm you, getting photos of your little one will be something you cherish for generations.

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Hi!  I'm Jessica - I'm passionate about preserving your family's most precious memories!  Spend some learning about our services and some of our recent sessions.

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